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Although trees are environmentally important, a dead tree or a big one with huge branches spread across your property can pose great risks. You can count on our professionals to safely clear such trees from your premises. Call 541-975-3234 to get a FREE estimate.


Cutting a big tree can be a tedious and time-consuming task. The professionals at Parker Tree Service Inc of Summerville, OR will bring all tree cutting equipment, a bucket truck, and a grinder to your property so as to quickly clear unwanted trees without any hassles. We'll ensure your property's safety.

Call us when you need a tree cut on your residential or commercial property. We're highly skilled and experienced in delivering quick and safe tree clearing solutions. Take advantage of our emergency services in case of disasters like a tree falling on your home or power lines.

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  • Tree pruning

  • Tree topping

  • Tree limb removal

  • Avoiding contact with power lines

  • Removing damaged limbs

  • Cleaning up the property

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